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In many shotblasting machines, the refill process is done manually and is therefore operator dependent, which, due to the human input, may not always be consistent. However, replenishment is done when the amount of abrasive is at a critical level or the blast wheels lack supply of abrasive, but certainly not permanently. As a consequence, the operating mixture is very fine before replenishment and afterwards very coarse and without any midsize abrasive.

Too long shotblasting operation without new abrasive replenishment leads to a reduction of the aberage grain size and lowering of the bunker level. That greatly extends the shot blasting process, because the lack of coarse abrasive also lacks sufficient kinetic energy to remove scale deposits or sand scabs. The roughness of the blasted workpiece decreases.

If then consequently large amounts of new abrasive must be topped up, the distribution of the abrasive mixture shifts completely in the other direction -  hardly fine abrasive, but too much coarse abrasive. The shotblasting process is extended until the necessary surface coverage is reached. The roughness of the blasted workpiece is high.

The RUMP refill hopper was developed to solve these fluctuations in the abrasive mixture and the process results, respectively. It is directly linked to the control of the blasting system and provides new abrasive into the cycle, so that the particle size distribution remains constant. The fill level monitor reminds the operator in right time to subsequently add a full bag of abrasive. Then, the system is filled manually by pouring a complete bag of steel shot into the hopper. The refill hopper unit can be installed on virtually any blastzing machine easily and with little effort, even when subsequently installed. It can be situated flexibly at any optimal space where it can be refilled with ease. When doing so, the supply tube is simply connected to the abrasive circulatory of the shotblasting machine.

Maintaining a constant operating mix means making sure the hopper is full. And while new abrasive must be added regularly to the mix, the amount of new material added at one time should not be too much to avoid extreme fluctuations. The ability to abide by this principle actually produces a marked effect on the overall profit.Also, the size distribution of the abrasive particles is a key factor in the quality of the surface preparation achieved by the abrasive, and should be checked regularly and kept constant. The use of smart technology therefore provides essential advantages to optimize the effect of the blasting media and helps ensure high quality of surface treatment. The reduction of the working process time implies a reduction of the production costs. It likewise improves the operating safety of shotblasting machines and paves the way to more effective shotblasting while using fewer resources.

The refill hopper is available in two sizes:

  • with a capacity of approx. 500 kg for manual filling with 25 kg bags

  • with a capacity of approx. 1000 kg for filling with big bags, including holding device

Curious for more information? Read the article published in The Shot Peener Magazine about our refill hopper! 

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