Discover HUBert now!

Discover HUBert now!

For simplified loading and unloading of blasting machines with an overhead monorail system


For raising and lowering the transport trolley of the CAPSOR® machines to facilitate loading and unloading of the workpieces onto the rack or the trolley up to a total maximum load of 400 kgs.

The device can be installed either on the left or the right side of the Y-switch of the monorail system or alternatively on both sides either. The monorail scaffold is supplemented with an additional end support beam for stabilization.

The rail segment with the transport trolley set in it is lowered, unloaded or loaded and raised again for introduction into the blasting system via two parallel chains. It is driven by a 0,55 kW gearmotor, operated manually by using up/down buttons

Existing blasting systems can be retrofitted with HUBert, the raising and lowering device.


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