Our history


It all started in Salzkotten

On 1. March 1969 Konrad Rump, Paul Schäfer and Heribert Scheibel founded the Konrad Rump KG in the German town of Salzkotten.

The plants were designed in a private house in Von Sobbe street in Salzkotten and manufactured in the nearby town of Rüthen.


Picture: Konrad Rump († 2013)


Relocations to larger premises

In 1972, design and management were moved to the rented floor of an apartment building in Ölweg street.

This year also saw the upcoming company take part in a trade fair for the first time at Hanover Fair.



On the move again

As premises became too restricted, a new company building was constructed.

At the location of Breite Werl in Salzkotten a group of buildings was developed which included an administration building and an adjoining warehouse.



Name change

"Konrad Rump KG" was renamed to "Konrad Rump Oberflächentechnik KG".


Another move

As the company grew, it soon ran out of space at its existing location. A new complex was built which included a two-storey administration building, a warehouse and our own production facility.

Today our company is still here at Berglar 27.



A second name change

“Konrad Rump Oberflächentechnik KG” was renamed to “Konrad Rump Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG”.



More space

A third hall was added to the existing buildings to provide space for our own surface centre, which houses an air blasting chamber and later in 2014 a painting facility.


More production space

An additional hall is built to provide more manufacturing space.



Management in the second generation

Marcel Adriano, Konrad Rump's son-in-law, takes over the management of the company.



Introducing the "RUMP Strahlanlagen" brand

At the EUROBlech 2012, “RUMP Strahlanlagen” is introduced as a new brand, and with it the company logo changes.



The new CAPSOR® series

The CAPSOR® series of compact overhead monorail track shotblasting machines forms the first generation of compact shot blast systems which do not require a foundation.

Learn more about the CAPSOR® 8/10/15.


CUBESTA® colour meets technology

The next generation of compact shot blast systems. Quality on a tidy 9m² with an overall height of 4m. The integrated filter system on the rear provides additional space savings.


Learn more about the CUBESTA® 200.


A third name change

"Konrad Rump Oberflächentechnik GmbH & Co. KG" was renamed to "RUMP STRAHLANLAGEN GmbH & Co. KG".


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