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A RUMP shotblast system represents process reliability for your production. Our high quality spare parts are precisely adapted to your shotblast system and not only ensure optimum machine availability, but also long service life.

Our benefits at a glance:

  • Extensive spare parts depot (original spare parts for systems dating as far back as 1976)
  • All spare parts and services from one source
  • Convenient orders by email, fax or phone
  • Our experienced and competent spare parts team guarantees fast and smooth processing of your orders. (Dispatch within 24 h for items in stock)

We will be pleased to prepare an individual spare parts package also for your system.


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Matthias Ester

Matthias Ester

Sales Manager
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Phone +49 5258 508 362

Gregor Bradel

Gregor Bradel

Sales Operator
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Phone +49 5258 508 364


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