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Accent Baskets

"New season, new players - the same strong team!"

The Accent Baskets are now a constant force and are playing in the 1st Regional League of the West German State Association this season.

This season, too, the team has to find itself anew. Old and new players have to learn how to play together in order to reach the goal. This cannot be done without team play and the support of the coach.

We are happy to support the ACCENT BASKETS again this season to watch great basketball, to promote talent, to increase performance and team play and to celebrate success and victories together!




Musikverein Upsprunge 1924 e.V.

Financial support for the Musikverein Upsprunge 1924 e.V. in its youth work and for the füreinander@home-Challenge.

Next year, the Musikverein will also celebrate its 100th anniversary and has organised the Fäaschtbänklers for the occasion. They will perform on 03.05.2024 in the Sälzerhalle in Salzkotten. We are looking forward to a great party!



Support of the Förderverein für Kulturhistorische Bauten und Bauwerke Salzkotten e. V. at the Hederauenfest 2023


Financial support for the youth work of the Freiwillige Feuerwehr Salzkotten (Salzkotten Volunteer Fire Brigade).

General youth work includes not only youth work but also visits to the swimming pool, cycling tours, sports evenings, tent camps and day trips. As with the exercises, the aim is to strengthen the "we feeling" and to promote basic social skills.


The 4L Trophy & The R4 Team Westfalen

In 1998, inspired by the famous Paris-Dakar Rally, six French students started off on an adventure in the desert for the first time. They pursued the ambitious goal of bringing school supplies for Moroccan children from Paris to Marrakesh. And as if this were not challenging enough, they chose the Renault R4 cult car, at that time a popular student car, as means of transport.

Humanitarian purpose

Each team collects and distributes a minimum of 50 kilograms of school equipment as well as ten kilograms of food for Moroccan children in order to give them access to an education. A total of over 60 tons of school supplies is typically collected, which the well-known organization “Enfants du Désert” (Children of the Desert), who collaborates closely with UNICEF, receives and passes on to various schools.




We support the German bone marrow donor agency DKMS by providing our employees and their families with opportunities to make donations and by funding these. Currently more than half of our employees are registered with the DKMS.



Franciscan Sisters

We support the local Franciscan motherhouse and the Clara Pfänder Foundation: education for Aids orphans in Malawi/East Africa and for the children of poor families in Romania, rehabilitation programs for disabled people in Indonesia, and healthcare for pregnant women of the Amazon.



TV 1864 Salzkotten

By supporting sports club TV 1864 Salzkotten e. V. we contribute to the sport and fitness facilities in our region.




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